Who am I?

Hello, and welcome to my website.
I am Nathaniel Morris, I am a graphic designer and I've been designing for about 7 years now starting in my Junior year of high school. 

I graduated from Sinclair College with a degree in Visual Communications and I have certifications in Design Processes and Applications from Sinclair.

Since then I've done many projects most of which will be showcased here. I've also done some freelance work, one of which was re-branding a YouTube and Twitch.tv channel. I'm always building my resume with more works added frequently and I'm always excited to work with new people.

I'm always striving to learn more in the field and in other fields that interest me as well such as C# and other program coding. I do have some experience in HTML / CSS, I'm understanding of the language and I'm able to build a basic website but I can always improve my skills further!

If you're interested in getting to see some of my experience and skills you can go here to view my resume

If you would like to get in contact with me please do not hesitate to email me at:


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